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Quality Management

Rapid Transit - Vancouver, BC


Project Quality Systems Manager responsible for developing and implementing Quality Management System.  Prepared Quality Management Plan, monitored Quality Management of consultants and contractors and performed quality audits. It was the first major construction project in BC to mandate an ISO 9001 based Quality Management System.

Project Management

Dong Li Lake Pavilion - Tianjin, China


This was a design-build project which included procurement of timber and steel in Canada and shipping to China.  Was Senior Project Manager on the Atrium Roof and Façade of the Surrey City Centre Project, a design-build project that included a “peeler core” truss roof structure.

Design and Project Management (slurry walls)-Light Rail Transit Tunnel - Malaysia


As Design Manager and Project Director was responsible for all design and construction aspects of this $50 m design/build cut and cover tunnel.  The tunnel was constructed using an innovative method of slurry walls and top down construction on a very tight and difficult site in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Design and Project Management

Hibernia GBS - St John's, Newfoundland


Worked for the main contractor for the $1.5 billion Gravity Base Structure (GBS) for the Hibernia Oilfield.  This iceberg resistant structure is 106m diameter and 111m high. It was the first large GBS to be built in North America. The base raft was constructed in a dry dock and then towed to a deep water site where the walls were slipformed.  The structure was built of high strength concrete and was very heavily reinforced and prestressed.  It was a design/build mega project which was also technically complex and built to high quality standards.  Time Magazine named it one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Caisson Sinking


Project Engineer and Quality Control Manager for three underground receiving pits that were constructed on the surface and sunk using the caisson sinking method.  Also designed all temporary works for three tunnels using sheet piles and tremie concrete base slabs.

Slurry Cut Off Walls


Designed and managed the construction of three cut off walls on contaminated sites.  One wall was a reactive barrier which allowed ground water to flow through it.  Heavy metals were removed by the mixture of compost and limestone placed in the trench.  The trench was excavated using a polymer slurry.  For the other walls the trench was excavated using bentonite slurry and the trench was filled using a soil-bentonite mixture.



Provide training to industry in ISO 9001:2000 and Internal Quality Auditing.  Also teach Construction Management at UBC.

Excavation Support/Underpinning


Designed supports for many temporary excavations.  Types of supports included braced sheet pile cofferdams, sheet piles and soil anchors, soldier piles and lagging including shotcrete.

Design underpinning for several structures.

Value Engineering


Facilitated Value Engineering workshops for BC Ministry of Transportation.